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Spartan Prop

Wooden propeller testimonial 1Hi,

Yesterday, I was able to get 2 hours and 15 minutes of flying in perfect conditions so I now have a report on your prop that is accurate.

Static RPM is the same but the take off run is a little shorter, what is really noticeable is the increase in the rate of climb and the cruise speed which is 3 to 4 MPH higher.  She will now do 92-93 MPH at the same power setting of 1800RPM.

Vibration levels have dropped by around 40 to 50 percent which is simply amazing.
The finished propeller is beautiful.  Using a layer of fiberglass to protect the prop instead of the fabric cover on the original looks simply stunning

If any of your customers ask what I think about your props tell them this:

"I can thoroughly recommend Brent Thompson if you have any propeller requirements, there are very few people with his skills around today, you will not be disappointed."

Rod Hall-Jones.

Prop for a CH-701-SP

Wooden propeller testimonial 2Hi,

I just came in from a test flight with the new prop.  What an improvement.  The engine spins up a lot better and revs out in the climb but seems to cruise at the same RPM.

This prop climbs much better than my original prop and there does not seem to be a drop in cruise or max speed.  I checked up/down wind with a gps.

Needless to say I am a happy guy.  Thanks a lot.


John Lowther

Peter Parkinson

Wooden propeller testimonial 3Frankly he makes the best wooden props around.

People seem to get better performance with his props than with factory originals

It's a passion for him, not just a job.

Peter Parkinson

New Zealand

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